Im planning on doin my first cycle since the old andro products. I have Emax(only 30 caps) & Max LMG. Kcals will be high and the goal is mass.
My plan:

w1-4 ergomax 10/10/10/10 Max LMG 50/75/75/50
PCT: Nolva 40/30/20/10, Restore 3/3/3/3, BAM 2ed
Support: AI's cycle support, oils, vites

I know doses are a bit low but i thought the emax could help with libido issues from max lmg. I know im dealing with progestins which make me feel a bit worried about gyno issus. What do you guys think of the risks with this stack for gyno?
Vitex on cycle? B6 on cycle?

Im happy for any input!!