psst... Epistane vs Havoc?

  1. psst... Epistane vs Havoc?

    Hey guys, the last time someone posted this thread, it got locked. But I am really curious to know which one is better? Thanks. Please keep this quiet, thanks.

  2. Ok, finally found the answer myself. Self-help is the best help.

    Havoc and Epistane cycle. together!

    "It seems like there is a lot of confusion involving Havoc and Epistane due to the different nomenclature conventions adopted by RPN and IBE. The two active compounds are in fact exactly the same. I cannot say anything about relative purity, but the actual PS contained in each is identical.

    Havoc: 2a,3a-epithio-17a-methyl-5a-androstan-17b-ol

    Epistane: 2a,3a-epithio17a methyl-17b-hydroxy-5a-androstane

    Havoc's naming better follows the IUPAC nomenclature conventions, but both accurately describe the same compound. The prefix hydroxy- and the suffix -ol both represent an alcohol functional group (-OH). In the case of havoc/epistane, this alcohol group is found as a substituent on C17 (in the beta (b) configuration).

    For example, the alcohol found in liquor, beer, etc. is known as ethanol. The -ol represents the alcohol group. This could also be named hydroxyethane, although it would be unconventional to do so."

  3. oh no you just didn't...................its meant to be the same thing. Some people swear by Epistane while others swear havoc worked great for them. Simple as that..... theres enough logs on both products for you to decide what you like best rather then flog another dead horse with this debate.

  4. Yeah, as i dug through the old threads, I realized its a "sensitive" topic. But I was really curious since their chemical compound names were different, and one is "ranked" higher than the other on the "bestseller" list.

    Please feel free to lock this up. I've found my answer already.

  5. epistane by far (and i tried both)

  6. Do you need PCT for epistane or havoc ?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Gixxer82 View Post
    Yes, and you also need a brain

    That's pretty interesting that you mention that since you were the one considering running 2 methyls at the same time for 6 weeks.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by AnonyMoose View Post
    epistane by far (and i tried both)
    yah, gotta go with Epi here. Been soooo tried and true for me.

  9. tried both too and its epistane for me


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