sweating and trans. PH's.....

  1. sweating and trans. PH's.....

    I have a question about transidermals and sweating......

    I want to do a transidermal PH...but I sweat like a pig. I am also a lifeguard which means that at some point everyday I am going to have to swim.

    I have read that sweating is good with transidermal becuase it opens the pours in the skin...but i REALLY sweat...is it possible to sweat off the transidermal so that you are going to get no results??

    i really would like to do a cycle but i don't want to waste my money if it is going to wash off in the pool and sweat out.

  2. Apply at morning and night. Swimming would not be a problem if you work normal hours, between application times. Do you sweat perfusely as soon as you wake up? Try a medication for that if you do, see a doctor.

  3. i work from 9 to 7 everyday of the week and from 12 to 7 on weekends....

    i workout 5 days a week between 7 and 7:30...

    if i applied after my shower around 8 and again at night after my workout i would be fine...

    i have to be in the water a good amout in the mornings because i teach kids how to swim...is it still ok to apply around 8 when i might be in the water in the mornings as early as 9....

  4. as far as sweating goes, its actually beneficial for the absorption of the androgen, having been applied some time in advance. you might notice a slight tingle when working out after applying early in the day. no need to worry there. as far as your job goes.....the way you laid it out, might be the only way with your scheudle

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