Cycle help for my cousin

  1. Question Cycle help for my cousin

    My cousin wants to do a 4-5 week cycle to rip up, hes 17% BF 5'11" 187lb. Hes 23 and has been training on and off since he was 18, I would say he has a good 3 years of training under him, all natural with very good genetics, his only problem is he has a tiny gut which always comes back very easily, and he loses a lot of size when he loses his gut.

    I can help him with cycle support supps but I wouldnt know what cycle to put him on, I think his bf% is too high for clen, I am thinking shots of some sort, he has his diet and training down good along with a good attitude. So I am hoping you guys could recomend something for him provided this 5 week goal is feesable.


  2. I am thinking Winstrol Depot 100mg EOD

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