Critique of my last PH cycle of year

  1. Critique of my last PH cycle of year

    Need some feedback on my last cycle of year. Here it is:

    T-1pro: Using 8ml per day for 8 weeks=336mg(1-Test), 168mg(4-AD)

    T-4: Using 8ml per day for 8 weeks= 400mg(4-AD)

    19-Nor(made from T-gel and 12 g powder from 1fast400): Using 8ml per day for weeks 1 thru 5= 400mg (19-Nor)

    1,4 Andro(caps from 1fast400): Using 7 caps per day for weeks 1 thru 4=700mg(1,4 Andro)

    Pentabol Extreme: Using 6 caps per day for weeks 1 thru 5=450mg(5-AD)

    5A2 Extreme: Using 6 caps per day for weeks 5 thru 8=450mg(5aa Beta(I think))

    What does everyone think of the above and what would everyone consider using post cycle. I had real good success with Syntax's Aromazap coming off my last cycle but this cycle is almost twice what I did last time in terms of total amount of PH's used so if someone thinks I should use something else let me know.


  2. Also forgot to mention that the T-1pro and T-4 are made from the T-Gel and getting the powders from 1fast400.

    Also, I was considering during weeks 3 and 4 possibly using extra 1-Test injectable. I saw 1-Test Cyp. powder for sale from 1fast400 but would only use if it doesn't incapicitate me. I also saw burn free 1-Test but it looks like it is for subingual use not injections. Any help?

  3. If Pentabol is 5-AD than I would not use it. You'll definitely need Clomid instead of Aromazap this time since that's an 8 week cycle. If you can use transdermal 3-alpha instead of 5-aa than that'll make your cycle even better

  4. I'm only using the Pentabol Extreme(5-AD) to increase the effectiveness of the other PH's, primarily the 19-Nor. It worked really well for me on my last cycle so I thought I would use it again. What is take on not using it? I'm aware of the estrogen issues with it, but my body seems to hold up really well when it comes to estrogen.

  5. Waht are your stats like dude? I doubt you need that much. Most vets will say keep it simple and if I were you Id just increase the amount of 1-test instaed of adding in all the exotics.

  6. Stats:

    5'8" 198lbs 11.0%BF

  7. I would say you could probably get great results with something simple
    ry 4 bottles of t -final 4squirts twice a day for 4 weeks, youd grow off that guaranteed maybe even better than with all the exotics and its probably cheaper. Also I would use either clomid r Nolva post since they are effective and cheap.


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