4AD Q: Sublingual Delivery

  1. 4AD Q: Sublingual Delivery

    Now i have done this before with beta-cyclodextrin and have tons left. This is my question, if i dump my 4AD caps with thte fillers into my saline/beta-cyclodextrin mix and let sit for a week... then run through coffee filter will this work???

  2. i'd be worried about passing fillers directly into my bloodstream, and i dont know what filters could do - unless they used a large-particle filler, in which case you'd want to filter BEFORE the cyclo brew.

    what's wrong with oral 4ad? good stuff! plus the sublingual only lasts an hour max.

  3. oh i know, its just for preworkout and post workout boost in hormone levels...

    Anyway so i did 1.5g 4AD and 500mg 1AD from the caps, in a bowl i mixed this with 18g HPBCD... i put this bowl in a large conatiner with and inch of water on the bottom and sealed it... 3 days from now i will add 80mL saline to the syrup that formed and filter through a coffee filter and Voila! Hopefully, i will let you guys know how it goes

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