Need PH advice

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    Need PH advice

    Although a bit rust cuz i've been so busy, i have done my research and i think i got a decent grasp on the PH stuff.
    What i am looking for: Gain strength, hardness, and SOME size. I weigh 190 and i would like to get up to 195. Cant afford much b/c i play receiver.
    I want to do a 3 week cycle of 1AD @ 500mg/day along with either 4aderm or 1,4andro to combat 1AD's sides but i am not sure which one to choose and at what dose to use?
    I am leaning towards 4aderm at 8-10 squirts a day just to combat 1AD's sides and for A LITTLE size. WHat u guys think, will that put too much water weight on me or can i do it?
    I figure doing this is cheaper cuz i dont think one bot of 1,4andro would be enough, nor would it be worth doing 1,4andro for only 3 weeks. Or am i wrong, would 300mg of 1,4andro be enough to combat 1AD's sides??
    I appreciate any advice you all have to offer.

  2. If you are looking for mostly strenght and hardness without water weight, consider 3-Alpha.

  3. I'd increase the cycle length to at least 4 weeks. If you are worried about bloat or estrogenic side effects of 4-AD than include Liquidex along with 1-Test transdermal, if not than just 3-alpha will do like Bow recommended. Make sure you have post cycle meds handy. BTW good luck with football, playing ball was my best experience
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    Thanx guys. I didnt really consider 3-alpha because im not really looking to cut up, i'm skinny enough, and because of the risk of hairloss. I'm risking enough with the 1AD.
    Back to the original question though..... can i get it done with low doses of 4aderm? or low doses of 1,4 andro? and how much.
    If not, is there another road i can take thats not too risky?
    Anyone other opinions?
    Thanx fellas.

  5. If you wanna use 1,4 Andro or 4-Aderm than use 600 mg. 1,4 Andro and/or 200-300 mg. 4-Aderm. Use a good on-cycle anti-estrogen such as Liquidex if you use 4-Aderm and Clomid post-cycle.

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    Thanx iron warrior. What is liquidex? cant seem to find it? what else would work if i cant get a hold of the stuff?


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