Whats everyones thoughts on Halodrol-50 and pGHt?

  1. Question Whats everyones thoughts on Halodrol-50 and pGHt?

    Thinking about starting my first cycle of the original Halodrol-50 in about a month and been hearing about people gaining during pct with IGF-1/GH.
    UniversalKits pGHt transdermal formula - uk-pght by: UniversalKits.com
    I bought a 3 month supply of UniversalKits pGHt transdermal formula

    and was thinking maybe I could take it during pct along with Tamoxifen Citrate. Has anyone done this before or would this not be a good idea.


  2. Ive taken pght for a bit before, but i didnt really give it enough time to know how effective it is really..its a product that is designed to show results over long term usage..

    Im getting ready to start a halodrol/orestan-a cycle, and ive thought about using pght also during pct..

    the only advice i can give is if you plan on using it in pct, start it now..not only is it designed to work long term, but it takes awhile to start working..so if you wait till pct to start taking it, thatll be too late..

    there shouldnt be any problems though in taking it during pct, along with nolva(that i know of)..im pretty sure the makers have touted it as a great addition to a complete pct..

  3. I just got through talking to someone I know and they said the pght isnt really worth it. Only problem is I already ordered it.

    Is it safe to take pght with a prohormone? Would like to hear from some others on this.

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