New user with some questions, please help

  1. New user with some questions, please help

    A few months ago I did a 5 week cycle of epistane and had great results. I probably would have done a more common steroid but I didn't have a great source at the time. Now I've found someone reliable who can get me anything I need. My goal at the moment is to gain as much strength as possible with as little gain in bodyweight as I can.

    Ideally would like to avoid bloating... as you guys know it's summer time and I'm out on the beach very regularly. Also, in light of the fact I already did an oral cycle in the last few months I was hoping to stay away from methyls this time.

    My source recommended masteron (8-12wks) or winstrol (6wks) while running a maintenance dose (200mg/wk) of test to keep the libido up. Since I am trying to avoid large amounts of weight gain he said that high doses of test are not ideal. If you guys disagree though I will definitely think about it (prop maybe?). I found it weird he recommended masteron because most people talk about that being mostly a precontest drug. Can anyone comment on its effects on strength?

    My only worry with winstrol is that it is methylated but it's not that big of a concern. I'm not much of a drinker and my bloods post-epistane came back just fine. Just a bit nervous is all.

    If I ran prop for 6-8wks with an anti-e could I conceivably keep the weight gain relatively minimal but still get some good strength gains? Otherwise, what else would you guys recommend?

    Will be running cycle support as well as proper PCT (yes I have nolva, don't worry ).

    Thanks guys


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