cardio friendly ph's?

  1. cardio friendly ph's?

    What are some good pro-hormones that dont give you such insane pumps that you cant jog? i was just on espistane and holy lord walking up hill my calves felt like they were gonna explode and waterskiiing WOW after 30 seconds my forearms were the biggest ive ever seen them, couldnt even hold onto the rope anymore. i have m-tst and propadrol, considering 3-ad. this next cycle wont be for 3 months so i have time to figure it out. just look for experience with people who do lots of cardio while on a ph. thanks in advance.

  2. 3 ad cardio friendly

  3. well I cant say I've ever had a problem with anything I have tried, as while low dosing superdrol+ prostan, I ran every other day without any problems.

    I also did some biking and rowing while phera, didnt have much trouble.

    I dont know, I didnt cramp up like other says they do, maybe i was lucky?

  4. 1,4ad would be good. methoxy-TST was fine for me too.

    superdrol? horrible. epistane? horrible. M1T? godawful. (granted, these are much mroe powerful steroids, and capable of far more nitrogen retention, which is a big part of anabolism)

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