Has anyone ordered from the website above. Its based in Canada and I was going to order the some hairloss/nizoral products. The prices are quite reasonable with shipping included.

  2. They sell the same bottles that nizoralman offers in canada for $9 canadian. Those guys jacked up the prices big time! Check ebay, there are guys that sell it for $19 canadian on there last time i checked.

  3. ?? I did check nizoralmans website and he doesn't say prices are in Canadian $ (and nizoralman sells his for 120ml nizoral for $17 w/o shipping not $9). Plus nizoralmans products are not normal brandname stuff as well - correct me if I'm wrong.
    And I not sure if you have checked the inhousepharm website but they have some tamox w/o prescription.

  4. No, i was saying that there are guys on ebay that sell the stuff cheaper. That site has prices in usd which is more expensive than the ebay guys. I was just letting you know how much they acutally sell nizoral (brand name, same that nizoralman carries) for like $9 canadian. Tamax you can buy for liquid research cheaper too.

  5. Thanks for the info. I use liquid products but pills are better when I travel.



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