Homebrew wrecked?

  1. Homebrew wrecked?

    Did i wreck my homebrew by putting scented massage oil in it? I didn't realize it was oil until i'd put it in and applied and now it doesn't absorb very fast at all. How much do you guys think this will hurt absorbtion? I'm worried it will rub off in the morning because i only have about 15 minutes (after application) before i have to get dressed to leave for work!

  2. Scented massage oil..hehehehe. It is not wrecked . What i would do is heat it before appliocation. The guys were saying that when they did this it absorbed way quiker. Also rub it in hard and get the skin hot when you are rubbing. Then it should be fine.. Hope that helps.. TAlk to ya...
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  3. I didn't figure it was garbage just maybe less effective. I bought some scented oil from the body shop but it's the candle stuff so i used the massage oil instead not thinking that it's purpose is to stay wet! Thanks for the suggestions curt!

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