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  1. Question fina dosage

    What is the maximum amount of fina that I can put in BDC's T-gel. Is 10 grams to much? Also I was thinking of stacking it with 1,4 andro at 600mgs daily. Would this be a good idea?

  2. 15 grams of fina in one bottle of tgel

    i say add test or atleast 4ad to the'll have a harsh love life without it and then some

  3. So say I throw 10 grams of fina into the T-gel. Would I be applying 42.222 mgs/ml? Sorry that I didn't post it earlier but I am going to run 12grams of 4-ad transdermal with the fina. Also would it be worth it to add 1,4 andro into the stack? Would this stack last 6 weeks if my math is right?
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    Anyone try the 4AD (T4) and the fina in T-Gel (2 different bottles)? What were the results and how much fina did you use in the T-Gel?

  5. Opinions will vary from mine but if you are doing fina transdermally then you want to remove any ester from it to get better absorbtion. Other wise the 42mg/day sounds like a good number for sure.

    There is a long thread here about fina transdermally that would be worth reading.



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