pumpnpose experience

  1. pumpnpose experience

    Anyone have experience with pumpnpose? It took them 4 days just to process my order and accept payment, and 4 days later I haven't received a notification of my items being shipped. Either they haven't shipped it yet, or they don't send out notifications when they do, which is why I have come to you guys. Has anyone ordered from them? Do they send out shipping notifications like BDC? I'm getting slightly concerned because I think some gyno is starting to appear, and no one wants a set of tits. Please let me know if you have any experience with them...

    BTW, this post is not to slander pumpnpose, I'm just wondering if my product has shipped yet, so if you have had good experiences with them don't get pissed.

  2. Bro, welcome to my world, i've had nothing but problems with 90% of distributors out there as of late (think the 10% includes BDC and well BDC lol) . All the ones that i'd had prior experience from have taken so much time to process orders and it fuks with biz big time. I'm sorry i can't be of help, never really heard anything bad about them, i'd just shoot them another email and see what's goin on.

  3. good products and service.......just give them a call....

  4. we are delivering in 2-3 days flat. We send order conf. out also.



  5. I ordered from pumpnpose on a Friday, got it on Tuesday. No complaints.  I had some questions so I gave them a call and they were very helpful.





  6. Nevermind.

  7. Chemripped is not pump n pose bro!

  8. Thanks for the heads up..dumb mistake on my part....

    Well, I sent them an E-Mail and hopefully this resolved my situation.. I really wish everyone would just send out shipping notifications instead of leaving people hanging... lots less aggrevation.
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