what to stack with tren for libido

  1. what to stack with tren for libido

    some of you have been keeping up with my PP/tren cycle and once again, it's working out GREAT because the PP keeps my libido intact, BUT the PP also seems to be thinning out my hair which I don't feel like dealing with anymore, SO I was wondering what to stack with tren on my next cycle to keep my libido intact.

    test and other injectables are out of the question, since i find it most secure to stick with homebrewing tren as my only injectable. prohormones are out of the question because they take a heavy toll on the liver and dammit i wanna have a beer or two on my next cycle. you only go through college once!

    i was thinking something along the lines of massfx, yohimbine, or phenibut. what would you suggest?

  2. You could homebrew some test and do it transdermally.

  3. the test homebrewing "materials" seem to be slightly more difficult for me to acquire than those for tren...

  4. I'd definitely throw the Test in there at 500mg weekly at least, if not 750 Cabergoline, Yohimbe HCL, Powerfull are good options as well

  5. Quote Originally Posted by RedwolfWV View Post
    What does that mean?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by caca View Post
    What does that mean?
    through the skin in a lotion like carrier.

    you could just google next time.


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