strong enough?

  1. strong enough?

    A cutter of Methoxy TST starting at 8mg and evaluating from there, w/ M-TRN at 6mg, Strong enough anabolicly to off-set muscle catabolisim of T3 starting at 25mg and progressing up from there?(Over a six week cycle) Of course diet, routine, and everyday standard supps in place(NAC, Fish Oil, Mega BCAAs, Melatonin, Cycle support).
    Stats: 30 years old, 6'1" 220 13% body fat

  2. sounds good enough. What is your experience with PH's and steriods etc...?

  3. I have done a handfull of cycles, Test, Tren, D-bol, Anadrol, EQ, Deca, Sust, Cyp. Obvisously at different times and different cycles. I have just given up on the injectable route and illegal route. Of course if I had a reliable and safe source I am sure I would still use them. Just b/c injectables to me are far safer that any orals. I have come to the conclusion that I am more comfortable around 210 and decently lean. Getting up to 240-250 on cycle is fun but I am just up for slow and quality gains. Anything else? Thanks for inquiring.

  4. maybe even a little ZOL in with it....

    o/t but what was the biggest you got? And favorite cycle illegal wise? just curious. plus, im bumping your thread

  5. Highest was 250 on a sust 500mg/wk and tren 75mg/eod for 8 weeks. That cycle was my biggest and best feeling. Never got the side effects from Tren that I hear from some people. But you have to remember I was bulking so 250 at about 15-18% bodyfat. So Test and Tren the best, but gain quality over quanity.



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