After first 4 weeks...

  1. After first 4 weeks...

    whats the best thing to follow up t1 final with between the 4 week cycles?? whats the best thing to stop side effects ex. skin breakouts..thanks a lot

  2. For recovery, Clomid + Letro IMO.

    For maintenance of natural test, flax oil.

    For maintenance of strength, Creatine + Ribose.

    To stop skin breakouts, lots of sun

  3. 6-oxo or clomid between cycles to recover until the next cycle. Flax oil would be a good addition as well.

    I dont know if you've tried that new Neutrogenia body wash, but reports are, it works well with acne breakouts.

    And Im glad to see you over Rebel....

  4. a loofah? if you don't, get a good one (nice and rough) give it a shot with the salicylic acid body wash solutions (neutrogena as YJ mentioned is a good one)... gotta keep that dead skin sloughin' and them pores unclogged as possible eh?

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