Can 1-ad/4-ad increase blood creatinine levels?

  1. Can 1-ad/4-ad increase blood creatinine levels?

    I recently had some blood work done and the doctor was a little worried about my creatinine levels. I had just come off of a 1ad/4ad cycle (didn't tell the doc). Curious to know if this is a know side affect or if anyone else has experienced this. I am not taking creatine so this is not the source of the excess creatinine. I know that a hard workout will increase tissue breakdown and thus increase creatinine levels, but I didn't work out for 24hrs prior to the blood test. Any ideas?

  2. There have been reports by others of having elevated liver enzymes for a short while after a PH cycle. Did you have more blood work done later and if so, what were the results?

  3. My creatinine levels have still yet to become completely "normal". I am now just on the high side of normal, but at least now the levels are back to what is considered safe. My liver values are fine, it is the kidneys that process and excrete creatinine. Creatinine is the breakdown product of creatine and in normal to have both in the blood and urine, however since the excretion of creatinine and other certain proteins have universal standards, the levels are used as a measure of kidney function. I have never had kidney problems in the past, nor do I have and family history of kidney diseases. My conclusion is that my kidneys did not respond well to 1ad/4ad and I will not use them again. Will update if I learn anything else. Thanks

  4. You can use cranberry extract pills and a lot more water to improve your kidney function

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