First Time FINA: help - please?

  1. First Time FINA: help - please?

    I have been training for 12 years (5'7 and 185) never used any juice, but I did use andro spray once (I loved it, but they took it off the market).
    I have been researching message boards for weeks and I feel that anabolicminds is the most informed one out there, which is why I joined. My big problem is that there is so much different information out there on the FINA topic. After feeling everything out about FINA I have decided to try it and this is how I want to do it. What I need is feed back on how I should do it, and you folks seem to have the most experienced

    TOPICAL FINA (I know inj. is better - just not for me)
    *FINA Pellets ground up and put into PH Gel (How many pellets for the 8oz bottle? - how many squirts a day?)
    *3 weeks on 4 weeks off
    *4-AD orals for 4 weeks on 3 weeks off
    *When should I start and stop anti-E's and what kind would you suggest?
    *What side effects should I expect

    I know there is a lot of information on this topic out there, I am just confused on the variations between message boards and members - any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks so much,
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  2. run the fina atleast 6 weeks.

    you can put up to 15 grams of fina in one 8oz bottle of PH Gel, but that might be without binders....since fina's absorption rate is low when ester, you are looking at taking about 200mg a day (10 pellets a do the math).

    I would just add 4ad into the mix of phgel...and buy two bottles of you dont oversaturate one wanna keep the mg/ml ratio low to increase absorption.

    since using fina, i would go with clomid...6oxo won't do it...

    i would run the 4ad for 8 weeks...(2 weeks longer than fina) to help bring the test up after shutdown)....and take clomid during the last day of 4ad application.....

    i plan to use the traditional dosage of clomid....300mg day 1; 100mg days 2-11; 50mg days 12-21

    don't forget to add dmso in the solution of phgel, better absorption rate.

  3. Has anyone tried a fina, 4-ad transdermal? If so, what is a good ratio? Would a 1 to 1 work well, sort of a T-1 fina, hehe.

  4. T-1 Fina. I like it

    I would think for lean gains and maitenance of the stick around 225-300 mg's/day-tren applied and 300 mg's/day-4AD applied.

    Although, If your going to use tren, why mess around with 4-AD? Legality cannot be a concern. Go with test base.

  5. just wondering, has anyone converted the fina as they would do for injectable but then add it to a ph gel? i've been thinking about that route for a while now. you wouldn't have any binders left, just tren so your concentration would be higher...just some

  6. Yes, but you would want to remove the ester. The ester is going to decrease transdermal absorption.

  7. Although, If your going to use tren, why mess around with 4-AD? Legality cannot be a concern. Go with test base.

    I think the reason people would use 4-ad is just for libido. It's easy to get and real cheap. I'd look at fina only, but worry about libido, etc. Also, no need for a source or "research" experiment with synovex.


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