19nordiol/ 4AD stack ending......

  1. 19nordiol/ 4AD stack ending......

    I have about a week left in my 8 week cycle. It kicked ass, but I was wondering about post-cycle... I know that 19nordiol is a bit different than 1-T as to what it converts to in the body.

    Do I still need to use 6oxo for post cycle? (forgive me if this is a dumb question) I'm used to using 1-T, this is my first time using a 19nordiol/4AD cycle.

    Also, how long can I use this stack, nonstop, before I'd want to take the same ammount of time off?

  2. You probably want to stop around 8 weeks and yes you will need 6 oxo at the least preferably nolva or clomid. If you are still geting gains then theres no reason you must stop but... the longer your on the harder it is to recover and keep gains. 19 nor shuts you down REAL hard so id get off after 8 and recover properly.

  3. That is what I thought..... I better give it a rest.

  4. what were your gains like

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