what the heck??????

  1. what the heck??????

    yo im sorry if this has been covered
    but i live in canada
    and a while ago
    i tried to get soem superdrol
    and every site said it was unavailable
    removed from the shelves
    that it was discontinued
    and now i see that its for sale that you can buy it

    can soemone fill me in????

  2. AX SD was banned not the compound, so companys are still making clones

  3. i know that
    but i see popular sites
    i know i cant name
    that are selling ax superdrol
    price is like 129

  4. yea.. thats what they have left over, thats why they charge so much because theres no more but why pay that much when u can get a clone much cheaper

  5. what are the best clones for superdrol?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by anabolicloc View Post
    what are the best clones for superdrol?
    Masterdrol if you can still get it, M drol, Methyl Dx3, Finadrol, Methyl Vol, don't get s-drol if u see because everything I have read about it is bad!! And I'm sure there is others!!

  7. anyone tried M-drol? Can gains be similar to SD.


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