PH use and cholesterol ????

  1. PH use and cholesterol ????

    I have a question about ph use and cholesteol for anyone who has info on the subject. First off I suffer from high cholesterol and my doc has me on medication (zocor 20mg). I know phs effect lipid profiles in some way, so my ??? is will my medication or ph interfear with eachother in any way during a cycle? Thanks.

  2. Don't know specifically how ph's will effect cholesterol but you may want to research the effect on your liver if you are talking oral delivery.

    From my handy medical reference book - "Zocor - 10 - 20% of the drug is released to your body by the kidneys, the rest is elimated by the liver"
    ... "your doctor should take a blood sample to test your liver function every month or so during the first year of treatment to be sure the drug is not adversely affecting you."

    hope this helps

  3. Thanks for the reply. Taking the ph transdermally, so no pass (stress) through the liver. The only prob with going to the doc while on ph is the blood test may be off while 'on'. Mabe I'll go get checked before I start my next cycle to see where I stand. I also read that nolva, which is what I will use post cycle.....lowers bad the combo of the zocor and nolva may lower the cholesterol even more??????? Who knows. Wish I knew a really cool doc, who could set things straight for me. More replies are welcome. Thanks guys.

  4. No Flush Niacin can also help lower cholesterol as well as Red Wine

  5. Originally posted by Iron Warrior
    No Flush Niacin can also help lower cholesterol as well as Red Wine
    Correct, I have read this also. Before taking the meds I went the 'natural' route. There is a chinese tea called gynostemma pentaphyllum (sp?) that lowered my cholesterol 90pts after taking it for a month. Other aids in lowering cholesterol are of course diet, oats, red yeast rice, apple cider vinegar and of course those listed above.



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