Omg An Epic Mass Cycle

  1. Omg An Epic Mass Cycle

    i have read alot of threads and done alot of research
    and i tihnk i may have found a good m1t cycle

    1st week

    5mg of m1t
    and 2 servings of promatrix decaplex 100 a prohormone blend that contains
    100 mg of 19-nor 4-androstene3,17-dione
    100 mg of 4 ad
    100 mg of 4 androstene 3,17 dione
    250 mg of tribulus
    and all of those are one serving and i will be taking 2
    perfect cyle
    cycle support
    other various vitamins
    vitamin b6
    ditoxifen to reduce prolactin

    2nd week

    10mg of m1t
    and everything else the same

    weeks 3-4

    2 servings each day of promatrix decaplex 100
    and all the other support supps excluding m1t

    post cycle therapy
    timorefine 120/3days 90/4 days 60/1 week 30 /1 week
    nha stack
    perfect cycle
    cycle support
    vitamin b6
    and considering one of those liver detoxifier kits from gnc
    and retain

    what do you guys think of adding the 3 prohormones with the m1t?

    what do you guys think about this cycle in general?

  2. braaaaattttttttttttttt

  3. id do it. post your cycle history and stats please, you will get more responses.....If you have done m1t before then i would say do a week of that "matrix" on its own just so you could see how it is without the m1t.

  4. well first of all man
    the main thin i want to be doing is the m1t
    im just using the decaplex 100 for support
    and combating lethargy and such

    4ad only has a 15% conversion
    so taking 100mg would only mean that 15 mg we actually being used
    and the other compound sliek 19 nor and the 4 dione
    only have a 5% conversion
    so i would only be getting 5 mg actually used

    so i wouldnt be getting much of anything
    these compounds are only effective at very high doses!!!!!

  5. anyone out there?



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