cycle for a female?

  1. cycle for a female?

    My friends Boy toy(friend) is suggesting this to her...

    25mg tren ace EOD with 25mg Primobolan....I know nothing except I cycled once with tren and primo but it was 50mg of both E3D....

    needless to say I'll never touch it again....EVER!
    I got good gains...but acne like a teenage boy.....

    whats your opinion???

  2. bump!

  3. Well what are her physique goals, and an estimate of her current stats?

  4. To cut and possibly gain.....She is doing her first bodybuilding show and is really excited about it.... she came to me asking seeming I have a few comps under my belt....I gave her diet tips.... but I have no idea about supplement tips.....

    Right now she is around 18%BF and 142lbs at 5'4. She is a powerlifter or was for the past 4 years... she's mostly solid muscle.... besides that 16-18% give or take....

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