how much time in between cycles?

  1. Question how much time in between cycles?

    I just finished a stack of X-Mass and Testadrol (superdrol clone) and finished up my post cycle therapy about a week ago, it was a great cycle and I feel great about my results, so great that I want to do another cycle starting june 8th, the only problem is that i've heard if you dont wait long enough in between cycles the results wont be as good. is there any truth too this? and if there is what is a recomended time frame that i should wait to do another cycle??.........if i go with my original plan the time between cycles (including PCT) would be roughly a month.

  2. Time “on” + post cycle therapy = Time off

    So 4 week cycle + 4 week PCT = 8 Weeks (minimum) off AFTER your PCT is over.

    I wouldn’t start earlier unless you have blood work saying you are fully recovered (hormone panel, liver values, lipids).

  3. Hey thanks for the advice bro, looks like i wont be starting me next cycle for a little bit longer then i planned!

  4. you can go again after taking 4 weeks off

  5. I would do 8 weeks off minimum. The first cycle you do will always yield the best results if you are doing it correctly.

  6. I felt the same after 8 weeks as I did after 4 weeks

  7. Take six months off..................j/k....8 weeks
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by grantr View Post
    I felt the same after 8 weeks as I did after 4 weeks
    you cant go buy how you "feel" to know if you have fully recovered. i "feel" wondeful the day i get off a cycle, doesnt mean i should start a cycle the next day.

    minimum 8 weeks, alot of bros who care even more will tell you 3 months (which i agree on myself), while others will tell you no more than 2 methylated orals a year. i hope the industry begins researching on some new products (like they are beginning to with 3AD/11oxo) and get away from harsh methylated orals.

    another idea to keep the mass coming (if diet/training is in check of course) is do a 4 week oral, 4 week post cycle therapy, then try some new NHA stacks they come out. something like ALRI's evo stack for 6-7 weeks or do like JW/BAM for 4 weeks then Ebol/Xfactor for another 4 weeks. you get the idea.... helps pack on the mass, keep you feeling good, and passes the time inbetween cycles. good luck


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