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    I took my 1st shot of tes-e 250mg's in the glute on monday, and am currently on 50mg's of anadrol ED.... my questions are A: how long was your glute sore after your 1st injection? I couldn't even sleep on my right side last night, and injection #2 is in 3 hours.
    B: With test or anadrol, did anyone have trouble falling asleep at night? I litteral just rolled around in bed for 3 hours until I finally fell asleep.

    thanks in advance bros!


  2. A)You don't need to start a new thread for every question you have. B) You don't need to bump yourself.

    To answer your question, from personal experience, pinning hurts like ***** the first few times. It will be sore for a few days. You need to man up a little bit.

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