Can I reuse the same needle?

  1. Can I reuse the same needle?


  2. Lol, a buddy of mine used the same needle for half his 10 week cycle the first time around. I tell him i make fun of him over the net every day for it lol. No he thinks it better that he changes the needle but uses the same syringe

  3. I can never understand why anyone would choose to reuse a needle. it is just foolish.
    i like the pics too.

  4. that is some scary **** if you ask me

  5. Everyone you hear as this question, comes back a week later with..

    "Damn guys, I have a lump on my delt, it looks infected, is it an abcess? What do I do?"


  6. awesome pic. everybody look long and hard at the reused, scuzzy needle

  7. no thanx. ill pass on reusing needles. thats some serious pics man.

  8. oh man, rado is postin on here, there goes the neighborhood...

  9. Amazing detail with the photos.
    Think that hole is drilled out after the needle is made, or it starts as a tube?
    Just wondering, never really thought about it.

  10. lol..good stuff bro. I heard one guy on 'bolex say he used one needle an entire cycle, and sterilized it with a lighter each time..friggin SCARY!

    I use one needle to draw, one to shoot. It isnt like they are expensive. If you cannot afford the pins, you shouldnt be juicing in the first place
  11. blm9376
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    Originally posted by wardog
    If you cannot afford the pins, you shouldnt be juicing in the first place

  12. Originally posted by wardog

    If you cannot afford the pins, you shouldnt be juicing in the first place

    oh man!!! This lesson reaks of a Wardog bible tale!!!

  13. this is a really good pic. i borrowed it and put it over at

  14. Excuse my ignorance here, but is it also necessary to switch syringes every time you inject as well? I don't plan on injecting anytime soon, but I can see how reusing the syringe might be an unsafe practice due to lack of sterility.

  15. Yes, it is necessary, odds are you wouldn't get an infection by why risk it? My buddy used the same syringe for a month with no problems but he realises he's an idiot for it. They cost like .20 each, why bother?

  16. I agree with KC.. more often than not, you're going to have to buy needles with syringes anyway. Not to mention how dirt cheap they are.....


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