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One of the biggest problems steroids present to men is loss of hair.

Many things can cause hairloss...thyroid disorders, hormonal abnormalities/instabilities, medications, etc.

This post will primarily deal with the androgen-mediated hairloss, that which occcurs and is accelerated due to male pattern baldness; which is also basically sensitivity to androgens.

More specifically, various hairloss products and how they can be utilized by you, and where to procur them.

I am not sure how these products would apply for a female, though it will give a good list to begin research on.

Topical Anti-Androgens:

Spironolactone Cream:

Spiro cream is a potent and effective anti-androgen, it does not work by blocking the 5-alpha-reductas enzyme, therefore it is acceptable to use it even with nandrolone/trenbelone etc....

I have had good success with www.wholesalehairproducts.com 's version.

Azelaic Acid:

Azelaic acid is a naturally occurring anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, and most importantly, 5-alpha-reductase enzyme inhibitor. This products can be used with everything but nandrolone, and perhaps trenbelone and oxymethelone. (Anadrol)

Here is a good place to procur it that I have had success with in the past.



Folligen is a copper-peptide based cream that acts as a super-oxidase inhibitor and a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor. This product is especially useful for HEALING a damaged and reddened scalp, common during and after androgen use. May not be used with nandrolone, possibly not with tren and oxymetholone.


There are other more exotic topical anti-A's, but these are the most common and best priced.

Topical Proscar:

Proscar is a 5-AR inhibitor, fairly potent, though may inhibit more of the wrong 5-AR enzyme for what we want, but could be worth a try, oral and topical versions.

(Will post good place to buy once found)



This popular shampoo has anti-microbial and anti-androgen properties. I have never been impressed with it myself but others swear by it.

Nizroal 2%: http://www.canadapharmacy.com/cart/...c0-ce06d4242d4e

or www.wholesalehairproducts.com

Folligen Shampoo and Conditoner:

These take an interesting approach by helping to balance PH on the scalp among other things. I beleive I have had decent success with these, but they are costly.



Nioxin products include a dht/scalp nourishing shampoo and a scalp therapy conditoner. I have had decent success with these, I get them discounted through my hair stylist.

Inner Shampoo:

I have actually had very good success with this, works to remove DHT from hair shaft as well as help strenghten hair using an interesting technique. Definitely recommended, also cheap.

www.wholesalehairproducts.com under Polysorbate 80 shampoo

Other products


This is the big enchilada. Minoxidil is very good for most individuals with male pattern baldness. It is found commonly all over.

I only recommend the 5%, applied 2-3x daily for Men if NOT looking to get prescription strength.

For women, I believe only the 2% is acceptable, but you are advised to research this yourself because I don't know for sure.

A particularly potent hair regrowth product is this one here, including 12.5% minoxidil, azelaic acid, retinoic acid, and betamethosone valerate.

This is particularly effective.

Minoxidil is dose and concentration dependent, in terms of results.

You will need a script, but should be easy to get from general doctor:


Retinoic Acid:

This vitamin-A based substance will help remove the top layers of the scalp and stimulate growth, synergistic with minoxidil.

Emu Oil:

Emu oil helps restore scalp integrity, thickness and vigor to youthful levels. Good at stimulating hair growth, and healing scalp. Particularly recommended for those with damaged scalp and especially older individuals.



Biotin is a co-enzyme particularly important for hair growth and health. It is also synergistic w/ r-ala if you use that product. It can be purchased anywhere fairly cheap. I believe anabolicfitness.net sells it for a good price. Should be used daily at dosages of between 2-6000mcg

Well, here is an intro to hair care and steroids. I will post further about good combinations to use while running cycles etc... have hope, I have had good success in my own efforts.