Calf Pumps

  1. Calf Pumps

    I'm not sure if this is how a calf pump is defined, but I simply cannot work calfs as a muscle group on anabolics. Right now I'm finishing a cycle out with epistane, and am not able to do even a light set of calfs without my right calve going into an extreme contraction. It takes 5 seconds for it to retract back to its normal state again.

    It's painful too. I don't get it when I'm running

  2. hydrate.
    use a lighter weight.
    but work your calves.

  3. I hate those. They're cripling. They usually only hit me when I'm going up and down this 9% grade hill near my house.

  4. Try and stretch them everyday. I noticed if I dont hydrate enough they cramp up in my sleep and then they will be sore for several days after

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