Adding more 1-test to One Beta?

  1. Adding more 1-test to One Beta?

    Hey guys I have a bottle of One beta from avant labs. I was thinking of adding 4 more grams of 1-test and some DMSO. It is a 8oz bottle so I will ad 24 ml. of DMSO correct? Thsi will be my second 4 week cycle, im on my recovery with 6oxo now and will start 1-test in 3 weeks. I was going to make my own 4-AD transdermal as well and take some 1,4andro at the same time. Would this be a good cycle to get cut with the 1,4andro? I heard it converts to estrogen, how bad is it at converting?

  2. 24 mL would make a concentration of 10% DMSO.

    1,4 Andro is a good cutting agent if you can fight the urge to overeat. 1,4 Andro converts to boldenone which is known for increasing appetite. Boldenone does aromatize to estrogen, but it is slight and can be limited with a good anti-aromatize such as letrozole.

  3. what about aramidex. If I spelled that correctly, I know I can get that in liquid oral. Would I start taking it half way throught he cycle or when I start to bloat.
    Also I wanted to ask if I could mix my own home brew in the old 4-AD bottle I have from Avant Labs. There is still probably a quarter bottle left. Could I just drop 10 grams of 4-AD powder In and add the rest of the ingreadiants and mix?

  4. Arimidex works. However, unless you are only looking to bulk and want the additional water weight, start with the arimidex now.

    Why mix the homebrew with the Avant stuff? Just use it up and mix a new batch of homebrew.

  5. yes I will use what is left then mix my own. I just didnt want to end up screwing up my homebrew half way through the cycle and not having anything. As far as arimidex goes im going to get some of that. I havent started my cycle yet, I will start in 3 weeks. I am on my off, recovery cycle now. I just got my liquid clomid in the mail today and have been takeing 6OXO for a week. I am going to start taking the clomid tonight, so I will be using both an aromatis inhibitor and a receptor antagonist. To tell you the truth I feel very week and drained, so hopefully the clomid will help get me back in shape.



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