is this cycle ready for the green light (epistane/4ad)

  1. is this cycle ready for the green light (epistane/4ad)

    week1: 20mg epistane, 300mg 4ad on off days/900 on workout days
    week2: 30mg epistane, same 4ad dosage
    week3: same as week 2
    week 4: 40mg epistane, same 4ad dosage

    week 5: 120mg Toremifene first 3 days/90mg next 4 days, 3 capsules retain2, 1 capsule inhibit-e
    week 6: 90mg toremifene, 3 capsules retain2, 2 capsules inhibit e
    week 7: 60mg toremifene, 3 capsules retain2, 3 capsules inhibit e
    week 8: 30mg toremifene, 3 capsules retain2, 4 capsules inhibit e

    throughout cycle: AX perfect cycle, multivitamin, fish oil

    i was advised to add creatine w/ pct, and have an unopened bottle of san v12 turbo, so i was going to add that.

    24 years old
    185 lbs @ 13% bf
    previous PH cycle was a 1ad/4ad cycle 18ish months ago that i didnt do enough research on and ended up losing just about all the gains after cycle. i'm aiming for 10lbs of LBM with this cycle, hopefully dropping bf%.

    the things i'm not sure about are dosages of retain2 (i've seen people recommend both what i have listed, and to ramp down from 4 capsules to 1 capsule)

    diet will be ~3k calories, 300g protein/250g carbs/90g fat. on weekends when i rest, i currently lower my carbs to around 100-150, is this a bad idea on cycle?

    hopefully i've put it together right, i dont want to be as frustrated as last time.

  2. how did the cycle of 1ad/4ad work for you .what kind of gains did you pick up if you recall .i am going to do a havoc /1ad/4ad cycle coming up

  3. epi is low. start at 30mg. goto 40mg for the last 3wks. 20 is weak, very weak.

    The inhibit E dosing is backwards.

    Do 0/2/3/3/2/1- in caps, ED

    your dosing could promote rebound w/ inhibit e.

    IDK what retain2 is so cant comment there. lower carbs on rest days will keep you leaner, may hold back a bit of gains but will for sure hold down fat gain. i would use some creatine while on and in pct, im not sure if you get results from it but being on cycle will make it effects 3-5x than normal. you can use way more also, 12-15gs ED


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