Clomid Always Necessary?

  1. Clomid Always Necessary?

    This is just my second post, and probably a stupid one so flame away. Here goes:

    Background: Within 2 weeks of finishing a cycle of dianobol (d-bol) (25 to start maxed at 40mg/day weeks 1 -8), sostonen (500mg/week for same time period). I planned to use, and have in my possession clomid (100mg/day for 10 days, then 50mg/day for the next 10 days) and nolvadex for post-cycle recovery/treatment.

    Question: Either through luck or just good genetics, have not experienced gyno, the twins seem to be doing quite well, and the gear shift still works. Is clomid necessary.

    Thanks for any input. I wish I would have found you all before my first cycle.


  2. I would say yes.. or if you are inclined Nolvadex post cycle. Only thing I might change would be to do the first day of post 300 mg/day then go from there. Glad you didn't have to worry about the gyno..

  3. Thanks for the response. I'll take your advice.

  4. How long has it been since your last shot of Sust?

    Because of the decanoate ester, Sust can remain in your system for 3 week after the last inject, and perhaps into the 4th week.

    I would run Prop for at least three weeks after the last Sust inject.

    If you're only two weeks since the last inject, this could very well be why you're not seeing any negative post-cycle sides at this point, in effect, you're still 'ON'.

  5. I have two weeks left. What you're saying make sense. I was asking because first cycle, the boys lost a lot of weight, but not this time so was thinking post-cycle maintenance would not be necessary.

  6. You should always use your post cycle meds. you do not want to see your gains disappear so do not risk it and just take the clomid and nolvadex.

  7. I concur, the sust is still in your system. Without a doubt I would take post cycle medications. 2 weeks after last sust shot is typical, and realize that the longer acting decanoate is wjay is giving you the false sense of security
  8. FishBonz
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    Hey Mit..
    ..did you say you are running the d-bol for 8 weeks? I thought 4 weeks was about the max due to liver toxicity. Just checkin!


  9. Hey Fish

    You're right. Since d-bol is an oral as, it is toxic to the liver (17-alpha-alkylated steroid) but I have read in more than one place that for short periods (up to 6 weeks noted in one source, "Steroids 101"), it can be tolerated and I decided to take the risk.

    Ideally, I should have only done 25mg (5 tablets)/day instead of eight at max dosage And actually, I will be at 40mg/day for 4 weeks only. The other weeks were 25, 25, 30, 35, then 40, 40, (40, 40 last two weeks). I am getting great gains both in size and strength from the stuff and it is a good solid off-season cycle.

  10. I wanted to know how the cycle went for you. I am thinking of taking the same cycle (d-bol, sust) only I will take d-bol for the first two to three weeks while running a pyramid of sust 250,250,500 and back down. I was hoping to have some clomid on hand to start two weeks after after my last shot of sust. Guys please tell me what you think. This will be my first cycle and am 5'8 150lbs.

  11. juststarting how long have you been lifting? Just wondering.

  12. Juststarting:

    My big concern/question and my hesitation in replying directly to your question is why at 150# you would want to do such a thing? Listen, I am well into my 30's now, have been lifting for over 10 years (6 seriously). I took myself as far as I could go before I did my first cycle a couple years ago. Looking back, I realize I did a damn good on my own but just could go no further. As everyone has already said better than I can many times on this and other boards: Take yourself as far as you can go without resorting to stuff like this. I have a feeling at 150#, you still have a LONG way to go and I bet you can make serious gains with proper nutrition, training. NO disrespect meant by this, just my thoughts.


  13. Agreed, 150lbs is hardly your natural limit.. I'm only 28, been training for 12 years with the past 8 serious... You'll know when your time is up..

  14. I have been lifting for the past 5 years with a little break every six months or so. I know I am not near my natural limit and there is probably more that I can do on my own. The problem is in the past 5 years I have gotten alot stronger but if you look at me you might not even know that I work out five days a week. I have gained 10 pounds in the past five years. Please feel free to give me more advice.

    as far as the proposed cycle is concerned what do you guys think?

  15. Originally posted by mit
    I was asking because first cycle, the boys lost a lot of weight, but not this time so was thinking post-cycle maintenance would not be necessary.
    You might try HCG if you have that problem again. I personally had about a 40% reduction in testicular size/weight during my first cycle and gained 30%+ back after HCG.

    I used:
    2500iu's 5 days after last inject
    2500iu's 5 days later
    5000iu's 5 days later

    Definately use clomid, and it's better than nolvadex, the nolva will stop the gyno in it's track for most people, so always have it on hand just in case, but the clomid will stop you from having an estrogen rebound while your body is trying to regain natty production.


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