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    Hey Guys...

    I just received my T-1 Final from powernutrion ( I cannot wait to get started!)! Anyhow.. two questions...

    1) On the bottle, under 'directions this is how it reads

    "Apply 2 squirt once or twice daily. If irritation develops discontinue use. Store at room temperature."

    Then under "supplement facts' it reads

    Serving Size: 1 squirt (2mL)
    Total # of Servings: 60

    My question here is... should I be taking 1 squirt twice a day or 2 squirts twice a day?

    2) Do I just dump the DMSO in and shake like hell?


  2. Go to the big 'Dosing' thread:****335

    You should heat up the bottle b4 you spill in any dmso, then shake.

    You should probably have read more about it before you bought it.

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