nokit homebrewers?

  1. Question nokit homebrewers?

    for those who homebrew your own goods, do you use both BA and BB in your injectables or just BA? If so what percentages do you use?

  2. It depends on what you are trying to dissolve. For most long esters, such as an enth or cypionate, BB is not necessary as the esterfied compound is very oil soluble. For short esters, such as a prop or acetate, a BB addition will provide some relief from crystallization at the depot.

    If it is a prohormone you are trying to dissolve a better solvent/co-solvent choice would be PEG-400.


  3. What concentrations are you trying to mix to?


  4. just 75mg/ml

  5. Hey Chemo or others I've got a question about homebrewing something similiar to Dazed's oil. What would it take to get a oil that is 50mg/ml fina and 50mg/ml test prop? A total of 100mg/ml Or would it be best to make to seperate oils and mix in the vial?

    I see (on bigcats article) that test prop has a mol weight of 362.5082 and tren acetate has 330.423, so they are close to the weight of PEG-400. Could the BA (1-3%), and PEG-400 (3-5%) mix you recommended for 4-AD be used to achieve this concentration?

  6. Personally, I would do them seperately then mix them in the final product vial.

  7. I would mix them separate as well. It will make dose adjustment easier for both.

    As for the matrix, PEG-400 is best suited for diols and PH's. If you are dissolving AAS compounds go with BB as a solvent (maybe in the 5-10% range). Don't forget the BA...


  8. Chemo, do you by chance have a good methoid of keeping the oil and peg from layering? That has been something of a problem. I was thinking about trying some of the higher MW PEG but don't like the viscosity.



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