Clomid Mid-Cycle?

  1. Clomid Mid-Cycle?

    Getting set to start a 4 weeks on/4 weeks off/4 weeks on/8 weeks off cycle of transdermal 1-T, 4-AD, and 1,4-dione, for cutting. Daily levels will remain constant at 433mg/day 1-T, and 256.6mg/day each for 4-AD and 1,4 and will be the same for the second 4 weeks on. I'll also be supplementing with Formastat at 100mg/day for the full 12 weeks.

    Would you recommend getting some Clomid for the 4 weeks in the middle?

  2. Sure you could do that if you wanted. Not going to hurt.

  3. Originally posted by windwords7
    Sure you could do that if you wanted. Not going to hurt.
    Do you think it would help?

  4. Well you need to run the formastat only while on. When off use the time to recover our HPTA. Run clomid after each of your 4 week cycles for approx a month. Yes it will help. Do not run formastat while in an off section of your cycling. It suppressive slightly and will inhibit recovery.

  5. It will be even more important at the end of your second four week cycle to run Clomid or Nolva or both.

  6. Thumbs up

    Thank you!!

  7. The point of the 4 weeks off is to normalize hormone levels so i would say it is important to run it there as well. You dont thinks oe wind?

  8. I told him that he should, so yes, I do think so

    This really should not even be viewed as one cycle. It two seperate cycles. Both requiring their own post cycle recovery.

  9. yea thats what i thought I was just curious as to why you said the end would be more important....

  10. Because he will have supressed two times in short period of time meaning his recovery will be even longer after the second time.


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