Anyone know about sublingual/intranasal ....

  1. Anyone know about sublingual/intranasal ....

    I am a newbie at this and I have been reading everything I can find but I am trying to figure out this sublingual/intranasal thing......

    I am thinking of dooing a 1-Test/4-AD cycle and I wanted to try homebrewing and I read that sublingual/intranasal has the highest absorbtion rate...something like 90%

    I have found the ammount of 4-AD to take and the number of times a day to take it but i can't find an ammount/number of times to take it a day for 1-Test...

    Can anyone tell me how much to take/ and how many times a day to take it...


    This will be my first PH cycle so if you have any recomendations of the best way to take it for the least ammount of money (since i am in college and money is tight).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...I am getting pretty stumped about this ****...


  2. where did you read 90% with sublingual or intranasal?

    (homebrew a transdermal)

  3. intranasal will kill your nose after a while. I've read it works but irrtates the hell out of the lining of your nose.

  4. I would pass on the up the nose delivery... transdermal is the way to go with PH's

  5. Agree with mathewD go with transdermal. My nose is hurting just thinking about it, owch. Bro 1test burns, if you want to deal with that for 4 weeks twice a day then go right ahead. Later J

  6. The complexed cyclodextrin that 1fast puts in his Psyho-Cyclo 1T doesn't burn so much.

  7. Thanks for the imput guys I have thought about the transidermal route but I am a lifeguard and being dry for the PH to be absorbed is not an option.

    I guess there is always the pill route...but I reall did not want to go that way because it is going to cost alot more than the other ways....

    If anyone has anymore suggestions please send them to me

  8. here is some info I found

    If you only can get about 25mg sublingualy how long between doses should someone wait. I was thinking asbout 25mg every hour over 8hrs for a total of 200mg (100mg 1-test, 100mg 4AD)


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