question on Nolva vial

  1. question on Nolva vial

    I am not familiar with this stuff or these vial, do i draw it out with a syringe and shot it into my mouth ( shot the liquid into my mouth and swallow it)?


  2. thanks bro

  3. Get some empty gel caps cuz that stuff is nasty-ass.

  4. Good luck getting it in the gel caps.

    Just down it and chase it with a beer. It's not all that bad.

    Yes, I'm kidding about the beer part.

  5. Oh suck it up you bunch of babies. You can squat til you puke, but whine about your anti-es taste? Quit your bitching and just shoot it to the back of your throat.

    I prefer to chase mine with a shot of Jack Daniels myself, not much of a beer drinker

  6. Shake well before drawing...

    As a side note...*he said SHOOT it into his mouth* Take the gay porn somewhere else...heheheh


  7. Nice bro. However, SQUIRT it to the back of your throat would be just as bad, would you prefer "Place the syringe tip at the back of your throat and allow the liquid novla to be dispersed"?

    Remember not to miss a drop now !!!!!!

    I HAD to!

  8. Taking a shot of nolva ain't ****, try taking a shot of Bacardi 151! No need for me to worry about drinking it, I got tabs.

  9. >groan< the taste is bad enough. Now I gotta deal with all that fellatio imagery too?

  10. Chemo you took it past the line of decency. Did this post remind you of your last gay porn you saw?


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