injectables vs pills

  1. injectables vs pills

    im just doing some research before i start using steroids and just want some opinions. which form of steroid is the best/safest pills or injectables? -appreciate the help

  2. injectables are safer in some instances. except winny has an effect on lipids and there are a million other things. you should really use the search function up at the top there... it will help you out alot... go to MESO-Rx Anabolic Steroid Education, Steroid Profiles, Steroid Pictures, Steroid Books, Bodybuilding Videos they have steroid profiles.. you'll do well learning all of that.... and serms and AI's etc...


  3. ^^ Good link. The level of danger will depend on what you take, how you take it, how long you take it, and what precautions you take to combat any sides/issues.

    I spent 2 months on here just reading up as much as i could. This board has a TON of info, all you have to do is search.

    Generally, just like anything else, moderation and knowledgable use can be good. The opposite can be very harmful and potentally cause death. Good luck!

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