Melatonin II

  1. melanotan II

    Trying to find some info on this. I'm a usually pale guy and I think I could use this. I can't find any info on where and how to inject and also how much to take?

  2. There is a great write up on this over on IBE's forum.

  3. I did one .25 ml injection and I swear I have some new spots on my arms and legs.

    I can't really prove 100% they are new, but I don't remeber them being there before.

    I'm not sure if I want to do anymore and risk getting moles/spots.

  4. it's spelled melanotan I believe, that might make it easier to find info. melatonin is the sleep aid

  5. It's also not A.A.S. lol

  6. Quote Originally Posted by CryingEmo View Post
    It's also not A.A.S. lol

    Yeah, I know I just didn't know in what section to put it.

  7. Inject with an insulin needle into subcutaneous fat, such as the love handles area. You'll barely feel it. One 10mg vial should yield about 5-7 injections at 1ml each.

    After the injection you'll feel a one-hour nausea sensation which subsides with each use. You'll also get erections in the night that are so strong and sensitive they'll disturb your sleep.

    Complete the first vial's worth of peptide before starting sun exposure. So buy several bottles.

  8. PM'ed you some info...


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