Cypionate/Epistane Gyno

  1. Cypionate/Epistane Gyno

    I'm on my fourth week of 400mg Cypionate per week and 20mg of Epistane per day. I'm developing a lump beneath my right nipple (happens to me occassionally). I was thinking that the Epistane may help me avoid this scenario - but it has not.

    I'm thinking I should start with Tamoxifen Citrate right away and drop the Epistane in order to be liver-safe. Do I have the right idea here? Or is there something better than Tamoxifen Citrate in this case? OR, would Tamoxifen/Epistane be okay to take together?

    Thanks in advance...

  2. Actually, I switched it up as Letrozole has done me well in the past - with reversing gyno.. So I'm using Letrozole.. I'm not too sure how harsh this is on the liver.. Would taking Epistane be wise while on Letrozole?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Zero Tolerance View Post
    I'm not too sure how harsh this is on the liver.. Would taking Epistane be wise while on Letrozole?
    I personally wouldn't worry about it too much. Take that for what it's worth coming from me...

    How much Letro are you dosing?

  4. I wouldn't run letro for more than 1-2 weeks as it is harsh on your lipid profile... not liver. Tamox @ 10mg ed would be better IMO. Epistane does not stop gyno during test cycles as I have found out....

  5. Thanks, guys.. I'm starting Letro as discussed here:

    Gyno Question (mercedesdd's post)

    Letro seems to kill the gyno for me. From now on, I suppose I'll be taking some Tamoxifen Citrate along with my test as this happens every time...



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