T-1 Final week 1! A learning experience!

  1. Cool T-1 Final week 1! A learning experience!

    I'm slow!

    I'm the first to admit it! I got cranking monday with my t-1 final cycle and as usual I go back-asswards!

    Figured since I don't do PH/PS supplements often I would "cycle up" throughout this first week increasing from 1 squirt 2 times per day, then 1.5x2 a couple of days later.

    By yesterday I realized that I was f*cking up. When I did Trenabol X last year I was amazed at how much friggin aggression I had. For the first three days on T-1 I was so damn tired. I didn't want to eat or anything.

    Finally, this morning when I reached 2x2 per day I remembered that there was some sort of minimum dosage that you've got to reach before the stuff kicks in.

    Today, I'm 100%.

    I do believe that I am going to start dosing three times (2,1,2) or even (2,2,2) for the next three weeks. (maybe taper off towards the end.)

    What do you guys think? Chime in!
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  2. Anybody?

    Probably too dumb of a question to answer, right. I have read in the "dosing" forum above that some people do use 2 squirts three time a day.

    It would make sense to add a squirt or two after a noon shower if I STILL applied at the 6's. At least I think so. (If I'm screwing up then sombody say: "You nobhead, you're doing it all wrong!"

    Seriously a little feedback please.

  3. You don't grow overnight...most report the most mass gain in weeks 2-3 with steady dosing. Remember, your body is an adaptive machine and must have time to respond to ANY anabolic. I would recommend the label dose throughout the 4 week cycle....but I'm a stickler for minimum effective dose to illicit desired response and NOT maximum dose as is the mantra of most.


  4. Thanks Chemo....and BELIEVE ME your opinon counts.

  5. My opinion means something? The most important thing is YOUR opinion...it is, after all, YOUR body.


  6. I just started T1-Final today and I am having the exact opposite effect lol. I am not as tired as I usually am. I mostly attribute this to the fact that I am forcing myself to go to sleep earlier than my usual late as hell hour. Doing this also helped me eat a ton today.
  7. Talking

    I'm half-way through week two and I'm not having any problems anymore. I decided to go wit the 2x2 after all and am in full swing! I'm beginning to feel like the ruler of the whole damn world!

    Good sh*t!

  8. I wonder if weight had anything to do with my lethargy. I'm currently over 250.


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