Research Kits - **** products!

  1. Research Kits - **** products!


    I ordered some liquid clomid from and they sent it to me 3 weeks late and when I finally got it, it wasn't sealed and it is clumping really bad. This type of quality shouldn't be rewarded. Stay away from them.


  2. i had no prob w/ there liquid clen--go to me in 3 days--sorry to hear about your misfortune--

  3. Not as sorry as I am!

  4. As far as it clumping, that will happen to any of them if they drop out of solution. All you have to do is put it in a teacup of almost boiling water, and it will drop right back into solution.

    As far as the poor service, I can't help you there.

  5. Chem is a good bro, you're one of the first people i've read to have a problem. Either way, **** happens on either end of a purchase, one bad experience can make you stay away but i'm sure it's not a regular occurence.

  6. I had no problems with my finakit from them....

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  7. it's better if it droppes out ...saturation level is 37mg /ml to keep ou the rest you need far too much emulsafier....

    our clomid must be shaken well before admiistering to your research subject.

  8. It's more that they short shipped me and then were 3 weeks late with the Clomid without any corespondence.


  9. dont you have your own stuff to sell--are you just flaming them to drive people towards you--thats not cool--you guys seem so legit--no you bump this thread two months later--wtf?

  10. I don't even sell that stuff. Maybe the Power guys did, but I was just responding...

  11. my bad--i apologize

  12. No prob. I didn't mind them being late.

    Now that I am on the other side of the fence I can understand, but they didn't send me anything extra or any notification. We have screwed up orders too, but I try to include an appology and something extra for the poor guy who got screwed. I got nothing. Finally, we all know what this product is used least shrink wrap the bottle or something!



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