Testosterone testing kit? Help....

  1. Testosterone testing kit? Help....

    Im interested in checking my testosterone levels so I can get an idea about the percentage of absorbtion I would getting from my transdermal formula.

    I have been searching for different testosterone testing kits and all I can find are the saliva tests (which you have to mail back to the company for results) that are about $30 for one hormone test. Obviously this is not practical or afordable for frequent testing of my hormone levels, but is it my only choice?

    Does anyone know another way to find out what your hormone levels are?

    Thanks - Your Endo

  2. Bump! I'm very interested in this myself... hopefully someone knows a better way!

  3. yeah that would be kinda cool i guess lol
  4. Baseline

    Thanks for the support guys!

    Also, how do I bring my natural testosterone levels down to a non-existent or baseline level so I can accurately test just the amount of exogenously administered AAS?

    Apparently the saliva tests only test for the free “active” levels and not the bound “inactive” levels of the hormone. Would it be possible to interpret my rate of absorption only through the “active” levels?

    -Your Endo

  5. I'd go to a clinic and talk to the doc give a fake name if you have to



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