Get your product from LR?

  1. Get your product from LR?

    Just wondering if everyone who was having trouble with Liquid Research got their products or not. Let me know!

  2. From what I have seen, they have worked out most of their issues in reguards to delays. If anyone has an issue, feel free to let Win or I know.

  3. Indeed.
  4. Angry ????

    Been emailing for 3 days or so. No reply yet.
  5. Re: ????

    Originally posted by Shake
    Been emailing for 3 days or so. No reply yet.
    For the love of all that is holy what the hell is wrong with these guys?????????????????????

    DAMN it, this pisses me off. I have been searching HIGH and LOW for a business to start.

    These guys already HAVE a business and they keep ****ING it up.

    If it weren't for the legality question of their business I would ask if they wanted to sell it. Then I would run it the way ALL businesses SHOULD BE.

    They could really take a lesson from 1Fast400.

    Ok low carb rant over.
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  6. Got a reply finally......maybe emailing with

    "??" in the subject helped.

  7. many in there line of business are having suply problems....It would benice to just be up front about things......

  8. yeah it was a pain in the ass when i ordered from them too.. i ordered nolva.. they sent me a receipt and everything.. then 3 days later they told me that they were actually out of stock and offered me a free bottle of whatever i wanted.. i chose clenbuterol.. when i finally got the order (10 days later) i got two bottles of nolva... grrrr


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