powder help

  1. powder help

    I miscalculated!

    I need some 4-AD powder A.S.A.P.

    1Fast400 is offline (site says until Sunday, but it's said that at least since last Saturday) and I can"t reach them by phone.

    Kilosports is slow as hell.

    Is beyond a century fast? Good Quality?

    Anyone know the deal with 1Fast?

    Any other recommendations?

    Too bad BDC doesn't carry powders, they are fast as hell!


  2. 1fast, seems to be working fine for me. This is the reason I always keep 'extra' PH's around. I heard Beyond a Century is good, but I've never ordered from them before. Or else Kilo is gonna be your best bet.
    Look in the 'swap meet' forum to see if any bros are getting rid of any 4ad. Good luck.

  3. Scorpio,
    Thanx for the quick reply.
    The 1Fast site is up, but you can't order.
    When you click on "Checkout " or "My Account" the offline message comes up.

    Didn't think about the swap meet, am checking it now.

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