1,4 discontinued?

  1. 1,4 discontinued?

    has bdc nutrition discontinued the 1,4 caps? i didn't notice them in the member store when i ordered the t-1 final...

  2. For some reason, the popularity of the 1,4 has exploded in the last few weeks and we are currently processing more. They should be done in another few weeks and will be offered again after they pass all quality tests.


  3. Glad I got mine when I did!

  4. that's good news...i'm looking to stay away from scheduled aas for good and i've used transdermals with success over the last 6 mos...looking to stack t-1 final with 1,4 this fall...nice board, by the way...i usually hang around anabolex, but this is a nice place...

  5. Sounds like I'll have something else to do in the fall while bulking...



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