finasteride dosage while on cycle

  1. finasteride dosage while on cycle

    Kinda worried about my hair thinning on prohormone cycle. Thinking about trying some finasteride. How much should be consumed while on cycle? And how will this effect my gains?

  2. bump can someone please help? I believe 4-8 mg is the recommended dosage but wasn't sure.

  3. 1mg...but finasteride works to block it would be effective when using testosterone....5mg is for prostate issues, you'll definitely hurt your libido off cycle at that wont hurt your gains in any way

  4. So it won't work if the reason for hair loss is androgenic?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by calidood View Post
    So it won't work if the reason for hair loss is androgenic?

    to date...i've heard that the best topical androgen is spironolactone...although there is no research that proves it effective (i'm weird i usually won't use stuff until i know it works)...i havent researched in a while so i wont be surprised if you find something

    i myself run heavy test dosages with not much of anything else too serious, so to date i am only using finasteride..and nizoral 2% shampoo (which i dont think does anything for me, but its cheap enough)...and im looking for a 3rd thing to add....maybe a laser brush or a retin-a/minox/azeleic acid combo

  6. laser brush? So what makes hair fall out with the androgen? How is that different from DHT or whatever?


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