Need help with possible cycle adjustment

  1. Question Need help with possible cycle adjustment

    I was going to start a cycle of 500 mg Test-E for 10 weeks and 50 mg Anadrol for wks 1-4 here in about 1 week, but just found out my source is out of stock on Drol... I was going to wait it out, but I'm getting itchy to start. What be your suggestions on something else stacked. Want to bulk, but still want to keep it somewhat lean gains. Lemme know what you think. Cheers.

  2. Cycle history?

  3. 1-test ph and 2 cycles of M1T... I know most advise to only use 1 compound for the first injectable cycle, but I do not respond to supplements as well as most I've seen. Only saw 5-10 lbs at the most (mostly water weight) from all 3 of those ph cycles.

  4. why not dbol 30-50mg ed?

  5. Just found out I'm getting the Drol, but unfortunately the lab is shutting down so no more orders ...
    thanks for your imput guys...



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