crystals in my liquid nolva, wtf?

  1. crystals in my liquid nolva, wtf?

    I decided to place my liquid research liquid nolvadex in the fridge, and have noticed that is has somehow crystallized at the bottom of the bottle. Has something in the bottle dropped out of solution here? And do any of you guys have an idea of how to get rid of these crystals?

  2. Heat it up and it will disolve again. I brought my liquid nolva up camping (in case gyno signs appeared) and it was cold as hell up there. Just heated it up by the fire, and it was fine. Just leave in warmer areas.

  3. Actually the best way to redissolve it into solution would be to boil a pan of water, then remove it from the heat, wait a minute or so, then place the container in the water, make sure you have the cap off.. don't need it to explode on you.. remember you chem lab safety rules

  4. Didn't actually mean to heat it up by the fire, just what i did was camping hehe.

  5. Lol, love the lab safety bit there Matthew D. I'll be certain to have my safety glasses on when performing my "research from" here on in.

  6. LOL.. you know I forgot to have mine on the other night.. guess I will have to write those things down again..


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