Post cycle supps?

  1. Post cycle supps?

    anyone have any experience w/avena or maca after a cycle along w/ post cycle meds? I'm more concerned w/ avena, but also curious about maca.
    lemme know, thanks!

  2. Avena is used for erections. maca is commonly used by people who can't get typical post cycle meds. i have never used either though so i am only telling you what i have read.

    honestly though, if you do post cycle correctly there will not be need for these products.

  3. Avena Sativa and Maca Purienes are herbal libido boosters.. They do work, maca works better than Avena IMO, I've tried both to see how they fared.. Not bad, but a mix of HGW/maca is good for the lead in your pencil..

  4. Maca never did anything for me. Avena S. I have been considering, but have not gotten it yet.

    I have heard there are some interesting results from smoking it however

  5. vit c helps control cortisol used in the right dose , phosphatidylserine ofcourse is invaluable , and then if u can afford it , 2 iu gh once a day is ofcourse very good .
    then some creatine helps ofcourse , and a liver protectant , as anti estrogens are liver toxic ,u want to be getting ready to use a lot of orals next time around right ? and some tribulus at 1500 mg is supposed to help ,but i have no idea as ive never done this .



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